Viking Paints Product Data Sheet


PRODUCT LINE Viking Alkyd Equipment Enamels. A line of general purpose, air-dry, alkyd enamel finishes for original or repaint work.
PRODUCT NAME Viking Alkyd Equipment Enamels
MANUFACTURER Viking Paints, Inc.
DESCRIPTION A series of medium speed air-dry enamels intended for spray applications such as refinishing trucks and other equipment. Easy to use with conventional spray equipment.
BASIC USES Viking Equipment Enamels are intended for application on trucks, implements, farm equipment, semi-truck boxes and cabs, parts and assemblies, OEM equipment, and many other uses.
PHYSICAL DATA Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for individual enamels.

Surface to be painted should be free from dirt, dust, grease, rust, and scale.

For heavily rusted surfaces: Media blasting is the preferred method of preparation.

For previously painted surfaces: Test paint first for compatibility with existing finish, then prepare surface using conventional methods.

For new steel surfaces: Wipe down the surface with a paint compatible solvent such as Viking Thinner (VFS-171), allow to dry, then prime with any Viking Equipment Enamel Primer. Always test primers other than those from Viking Paints, Inc. for compatibility with Viking Equipment Enamel finish coats.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS Viking Equipment Enamels can be modified by adding 1-pint of Viking Enamel Enhancer/Hardener (VPC-183) to 1 gallon of paint. This will increase chemical resistance, hardness, gloss, and initial set and dry through time. Most reducers (solvents) including a good grade lacquer thinner will be satisfactory. Recommended - Viking Enamel Thinner (VFS-171). For large objects or under hot, humid conditions, a retarder solvent may be used to maintain a uniform application under these conditions. Viking Retarder Solvent (VOS-187) should be used when temperatures exceed 85F, or over very large objects. Avoid "overkill" with retarder solvent, needlessly slowing drying. We recommend starting with 4 oz. Viking Retarder Solvent per gallon of enamel. If this is not adequate, move to 8 oz. per gallon. This should be enough to slow it down under any conditions.
APPLICATION Apply one light tack coat, wait 20 to 30 minutes. Follow with one medium wet coat, wait 20 to 30 minutes. Follow with another wet coat, if desired.
COVERAGE Using conventional air atomizing spray equipment on a non-porous substrate, 1 gallon of thinned Viking Equipment Enamel will cover approximately 300-350 square feet.
CURE SCHEDULE Because Viking Equipment Enamels are comprised of medium-oil alkyd resins and are cut with medium evaporating solvents, the dust-free, print-free, and dry-hard, through-cure times may require adjustments if used for production line use. Product may be force dried at 120F for 20 minutes if more speed is needed. A typical product at 70F should dry dust-free in 45 minutes, print-free in 4 hours, and dry-hard overnight. A clean working environment is required.
COLORS White, Blue Tone White, Black, Red, Non Smudge Aluminum, Medium Gray, Caterpillar Yellow, UPS Gray, Dark Green, and Komatsu Yellow.

Viking Paints, Inc.

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WARRANTY The manufacturer warrants all materials to be free from defects and will replace any material proven to be defective when applied according to our specifications -- at no cost -- within a period of one year. No other warranties are implied or intended.
CAUTIONS If areas of the objects to be painted will be masked-off for applications such as decals, Viking Enamel Enhancer/Hardener (VPC-183) should first be added to the paint. Many masking tapes adhesives contain powerful, slow solvents which could lift the paint film when the tape is removed. If at all possible, a test should be done under the working conditions present. Temperature is especially important.
PACKAGING Viking Equipment Enamels are available in: 1-gallon cans, 5-gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums (all containers metal)